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Minister's Resources Page


Take a look behind the fountain  of resources available to support your ministry to the flock God has assigned to your care. (but only if you are a minister. I repeat, do not look at this page if you are not a minister). 

Minister's of the Gospel of our glorious King, this is your resources page. We will update it from time to time and as you discover great resources that might benefit others, please send them to us and we will work to get them on this page. Just email us at... (wait for it....)....

Check out these great resources!!

Prayer for an Awakening from God in Pearl River County

Take a look at these video messages Richard Owen Roberts made for our association of Churches. 

Extended Interview 
Annual Meeting Address - 10/9/23

Resource for compensation packets

"This is the greatest resource page I have ever discovered, I can't believe I spent 47.5 years without this page in my life!!"

Anthony Inmona 

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