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- Renovation Projects at the PRBA property -

You can find a small project for your church to complete by looking at the list here.

Missions Projects
Here are some of the missions projects that God is using Pearl River Baptist churches to declare the Gospel from our church buildings to the ends of the Earth. Contact us if you are interested in one of these projects. 

A Hand Up not a hand out...

As a missionary, I'm always looking for ministry projects that will not create dependency, but will instead create sustainability! FBC Picayune has a project in Liberia, Africa that will help sustain an orphanage indefinitely with just a small investment on the front end. We are going to help them build a hen house and work to sell eggs. If your church would like to contribute to this great ministry please contact Larry Williamson at   


Stanley Family Prayer Communication

If you would like to sign-up to receive Seth and Christina Stanley's monthly newsletters, just click on the link to a fill out a Google Form. Let's pray for them as they seek God's direction in this new ministry.


PRCC - Baptist Student Union

There are lots of opportunities to help the Baptist Student Union at PRCC. Just contact Dr. Stan Davis through their website.


Save a life - pregnancy centers

Now more than ever we need to support our pregnancy centers as they experience an influx of clients in need of godly wisdom. May the Lord continue to save the lives of the unborn.

Savalife-Walk-Poster-email (1).jpg

Local Mission Trip

We have a number of churches in our association that would love to have a team of people jumping on board to help them reach out to their community with a VBS event of backyard Bible club event. If you have a mission team in your church who would like to do a local mission project then please give us a call.  


Ireland Baptist Mission

We are connected with the Irish Baptist Mission to partner with church plants and re-plants in the Republic of Ireland, which is the least evangelized English-speaking nation in the world.  

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Hands-on-ministry projects

We have a great number of talented and gifted men ready and willing to serve the Lord by doing ministry in our county. if you know of a ministry need please let us know about it. 

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